Mercury Direct May 3….Welcome Spring..

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” by Robin Williams,

As New Life sheds its old roots, and the sweet wonder of nature follow its own orderly course, so too do humans follow their own path through the constant cycle of change. As Springtime in the heavens marks a time of renewal, we are awakened to fresh ideas, and new aspirations .

Astrologically, the month ahead can be inspiring as well as productive as transiting Jupiter in Libra favorably transits the planetary influences in the cosmos. However the opposition of transiting Uranus, Venus at odds may create tension in areas of work finance and or personal relationships. However on the flip side, transiting Sun in Taurus in balance to transiting Pluto adds a element of strength providing us with the fortitude to conquer most issues head on. As with anything our own outlook/perception may affect the outcome. Positive decisions and investments are made only through a sound mind.

MAY 3, 2017 – MERCURY, THE PLANET OF CHAT, MOVES DIRECT – At 12:33 PM Eastern time, Mercury the planet of communication moves into a direct motion. It has been in retrograde since April 15, 2017. Anytime Mercury is in retrograde, ours words, our directives, become misdirected, or confusing. However, it can be a good period in which to rehash and reorganize our thoughts. Now that Mercury is in a direct motion, we may see ourselves with clarity, those born under a Mercury retrograde, may experience an opposite affect. Nonetheless, as with anything, our fate is always in our hands.

May 9, 2017 – FULL MOON IN SCORPIO – This Moon becomes full in the intense sign of Scorpio, the culmination of what was begun during the New Moon in Aries shifts us into a new direction. This particular Full Moon pull us into the depths of who we are, therefore as ruled by Pluto, breaks down old barriers, unearthing while creating emotional clarity and brings with it a sense of renewal.

May 25- NEW MOON IN GEMINI – It’s a period in our lives where we harvest the seeds of our much desired accomplishments. Each New Moon brings with it a part of its identifying influence. With this particular New Moon, many of us may experience a much desired need for change, movement a feeling of restlessness. Creativity, perhaps through blogging or some unique form of self expression. Gemini is an “air” sign, so let the winds of change carry you forward. There is a heightened need for communication, and a sense of intensified activity.

May 20, SUN IN GEMINI – The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self. The Sun Sign describes the prime focal point within the personality structure, and is of major importance. Understanding and developing these aspects of self will help develop and expand your sense of authenticity. Understanding the house in which your Sun is found will give even greater detail.

As the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini – a sparkle of creativity is ignited as Gemini represents ingenuity, originality and imagination. It fires up a desire to become more inspired by whatever we feel inside. As it opposes transiting Saturn, there could be some trickle of doubt, however oppositions merely force-feed us to partake and to purge. So this can be an interesting month, so say the least. for those born under Gemini, embrace it, Sagittarius – feel encouraged, Virgo’s and Pisces – accept the changes that are given for they merely open us up to growth.


Aries ( March 21-April 20) – This is a good period for nesting with family and friends. Also, Venus and transiting Mars favorable toy our own sign can really brighten things up as love matters, work and finance look interesting as well as grounded. In addition, Saturn in favor to your Sign may also increase opportunity through work related endeavors. An excellent time to embark on new projects that have been left on the back burner.

Taurus ( April 21-May 21)- This can and will be an interesting financial month for you as Mars, the planet of action and Venus the planet of luck, balance favorably increasing your personal opportunities. However, transiting Saturn at odds with your own sign may cause you to feel sort of out of sync. Perception is the key, much has to do with how you handle everyday affairs.

Gemini ( May 22-June 21)- Although your mind and body may be working overtime this month, transiting Mercury, Mars and Venus in sync to your own sign may increase your ability to shine. However the off balance of Saturn in Sagittarius may create hesitation. It’s important during this phase that you take every given situation in stride. Work at maintaining a level of balance.

Cancer ( June 22-July 23)- As most of the planets are in sync to your own sign, you may feel a sudden need to live a bit out of the box. Specifically speaking as your desire to spend a little more could cost you. This month you may find yourself a bit more aggressive than usual as Mercury and Venus at odds with your own sign may cause you to act out. Know when to step up and when to step back.

Leo ( July 24-Aug 23)- A mixture of potent squares/obstacles and trines lend an interesting perspective this month. This is not the time to chance take, this is the period in which you shift into first gear and take stock of every given situation, specifically where finances are concerned. As your love for speculation and romance takes hold with Venus in Aries, you may be more inclined to test your fate.

Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- Your area of home and work is the focus point for the next few weeks as you find yourself being pulled into so many different directions. This is a good time to take into account every given opportunity that comes your way. while paying closer attention to solving work issues. Though out of character, be aware of the tendency to become to impulsive where family matters are concerned.

Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23)- No matter how close you are to someone, there is always the possibility of crossed wires. This month Venus, your ruler at odds with your own sign reinforces you to be aware of your instincts where love or money are concerned. However Saturn in harmony to your own sign, creates balance in how you interact with others and provides you with the fortitude to press forward.

Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- The next few weeks or so lay heavily on the financial aspects of your birth chart. importance is placed on seeking the advice of an expert, as well as maintaining a sense of personal safety where money is involved. . Pay very close attention to detail, while not taking any unnecessary risks. A good month to renegotiate or to test the waters.

Sagittarius ( Nov 23- Dec 21) – This can be a most interesting period as your focus is on health and fitness. Work & money related matters can be promising as you see yourself becoming more motivated. Also, love matters may be on an upswing as you discover your truest wants and needs this month may actually come to the fore This can be a great month for you to finally pull it all together. Also, this can be your chance taking month, luck is in your corner.

Capricorn ( Dec 22-Jan 20_ Let your instincts be your guide this month as you allow yourself the satisfaction of focusing on personal responsibilities and choices This is a good month to work on health, personal attainment and fitness. In addition, money aspects can be excellent as well as prosperous. Also, with so many influences in your favor, you cannot lose in most endeavors. This is a highly functional month for you.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- This month highlights love matters new or existing. Be prepared for positive changes ahead as you find yourself exploring all options. In addition, your need to travel, or make large purchase is intensified. In addition, letting go of past issues is indicated at this time, a good period for doing some mental cleansing.

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)- It is often said that we need be aware of our limitations. You for one fall into that category. During this month, you may find yourself needing your own inner space. Trust your instincts as this is a good month for setting some guidelines for yourself. In addition, as transiting Venus and Mercury are in total balance to your Sun, career opportunities are in your favor.

Astrological Tips: Focusing on health, dieting/fitness? Great days May 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 18, 19, 21

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