October 2014

As Summer comes to a close, and changes begin to take place, we are reminded of the fact that life is in a constant motion, whether it is through nature, humans, or the movement, the activity around us as we move with the fluidity of change. As the Sun continues to travel through the partnership sign of Libra, relationships are restored, the desire to maintain a sense of union is indicated as we strive to keep ourselves in balance with one another. As the Sun conjuncts transiting Venus and Mercury retrograde we find ourselves more intense about how we handle everyday matters. Mercury retrograde however may throw us off a bit as we strive between consistency and non-conformity. As the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23rd, it’s conjunction to transiting Saturn will no doubt reinforce security on a much higher level, whether it relates to work, business, or personal situations.


The month opens up with Mercury the planet of communication and chat in a retrograde motion. Generally when Mercury is in retrograde we are at odds with not only what we say, but how it is being delivered. When Mercury is in retrograde we find ourselves in a dither to find the right words as communication can break down. As Mercury retrogrades from the intense sign of Scorpio into the more partnership sign of Libra, we find ourselves more concerned about financial security, as well as the need to understand ourselves fully with regard to partnerships. A huge question mark. We begin to rethink, rehash and reexamine our present situation whether it is personal, or work-related. Nonetheless, the most important thing to remember is not over reacting to petty annoyances, choose your battles no matter what they are. Mercury retrograde can also be therapeutic in that it allows us to look at life from a completely different angle. It flips the switch, bringing forth a different perspective. Mercury will remain in retrograde until October 26.


In addition to all of this, we have a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurring October 8 in the fiery, independent, intense, self-motivated, Mars-ruled sign of Aries. Relationship issues can be at the core of this Eclipse as you’re being asked to create a balance between giving as well as receiving. Also, the emotional conflict could trigger your need for personal space versus your need for partnerships. An Aries Full Moon Eclipse propels you towards motivation, to change charge of your feelings, to stand up for what you believe. However emotions could run high so it’s important to get a handle on not only what you feel, but how and where you place your emotions. The effect of an Eclipse can last anywhere from a week to 6 months depending on the intensity of the Eclipse. This particular Eclipse may be daunting as it digs deep into our personal core. So use the energy wisely.


On the flip side of this, we have October 22 bringing in a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the intense sign of Scorpio. This particular Eclipse will signal a time to reexamine our core issues, to secure ourselves financially, to be proactive with taking personal or business matters into our own hands and taking complete control over what is going on around us. A New Moon is all about Motivation and Energy.


Also, to add to all these interesting transits, we have Mars, the planet of action, moving into the fun, spontaneous, crusading sign of Sagittarius. As the undisputed soldier of the zodiac, Mars is always ready accomplish whatever it takes to get the job done. In addition, because Mars is taking place in the more philosophical, spiritual sign of Sagittarius, the quest for self-understanding is clearly a motivator. Though impatient as it may be, it creates this intense vortex of energy like fairy dust it envelops us bringing forth our own true desires. With Mars traveling in the spunky, freedom-seeking sign of Sagittarius the need for adventure is strong. The desire to seek out knowledge is indicated.


The beautiful side of Venus transiting in Scorpio is that it reveals itself to be open to love, yet secretive at the same time. Love can be consuming and Venus in Scorpio is forever the loyal, demanding, unyielding partner. Sometimes when Venus travels through Scorpio, the motivation to get more of what you want is highly indicated as love indeed is there asking alone. It’s conjunction to the transiting Sun is vibrant, and those born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, will no doubt favor well during this transit. However in everyone’s chart no matter what the sign is, this transit is occurring. The time of your birth and the placement indicates where it is occurring. As Mercury moves out of Retrograde this will lift the veil so speak, lessen the intensity and more of an ease will occur.


Aries – During this month, expect that your finances will be a major source of influence as you find yourself trying to get yourself back on track, or even better, more on track than before. Also, a great cycle for personal relationships as Venus and the transiting Sun occupy your area of partners. You may feel pleased to be around others, more so than even you expected. A great month for settling some old time annoyances. Putting the past behind you. Also Mars in your area of higher awareness ignites your needs for spirituality and true insight.

Taurus – Most of the planets in transit aspect you favorably, however Venus and transiting Sun in your area of health amplifies your need to get on track health wise. To take care of yourself, to focus on priorities that need your guidance. Also, be well aware that this may be your month to get yourself back in the swing of things romantically – love awaits. It’s up to you to do the rest. Plus with transiting Mars taking place in your money house, you would do well to seek out some financial knowledge. This could be a good cycle for you money wise.

Gemini – So much activity taking place in your area of monies, this would be a good time to secure yourself financially. Not a good time to takes risks, or to jump into anything hasty. Also, relationships, both work and personal could do well as the planets in transit balance out your Sun’s energy, specifically with Mars in your area of partners. Romance can be at a high point, however communication may need some work though that is your forte so to speak. You may find yourself stuck on words, maybe at a standstill, but again this is very temporary.

Cancer – So much of what you do relates to home and career, family and security. Yet you’re such a passionate person at heart. Your need, desire for love on such a higher level is highly indicated. This can be your month to get yourself back in the swing of things, to focus on yourself, to do the things you want to do for a change, more so as Mars travels through the 6th house of your chart. Habits change, responsibilities shift a bit. Also, this may be your time to bring love in on a higher plane. This relates to existing or new relationships. It’s about changing your course.

Leo – Though you are a freedom- seeking nomad at heart, this may be your time to nest, focus on home and family, do the things you need and want to do within the confines of your own foundation. A strong cycle for you to speak up and express what it is you really feel as the planets in transit, specifically the Sun and Venus travel your area of chat. You may find yourself wanting to write, travel or do something different, yet the pull towards home keeps you stationed. Either way, a good period to create your Zen.

Virgo – A strong, powerful period for you as the planets in transit favor you so much. You may find yourself seeking out ways to create a sort of balance between yourself and others. A great working period for you, as career should be at a high point. Also, financially speaking, money should get better in the upcoming months as your strive to seek out better options. Relationships may be tough, but worth fighting for. A good period for all together. However with Mercury in retrograde, as always caution with money matters.

Libra – As the Sun and Venus travel through your own sign, positive influences are there for the asking. A good, strong period for you emotionally as you find yourself stronger than ever when dealing with others. Though peace and balance is your key, this is your time to shake things up a bit, as Mars travels through your area of communication. Also, love matters are interesting but not without some resistance. It’s up to you to keep yourself in check.

Scorpio – As Mars, the planet of action creates an intense positive influence with your own sign you are full of energy coming your way. More so with regard to money, possibly speculation. Also, the influences of the Sun and Venus traveling through the private sector of your chart indicates a time for you to let go of the past, to move on, to strive past some of the negative aspects of life.

Sagittarius – With transiting Mars traveling through your own sign, and the Sun and Venus both in Libra favorably aspecting you, this should be an awaking call for you to get yourself back in doing what you do best. This has been a long haul for you and now is the time to get back to the basics, to get back in the swing of life as you knew it to be. Relationships, both work and personal take on a new stance, and life eases up considerably, career and personal wise. A good month to take a look around you and to find your fit.. Positive changes coming up, it only gets better.

Capricorn – There have been some challenges, however now that the planets are synchronized in your area of home and career, you would do well to look at life from a completely different and more positive angle. A strong yet, profound cycle for you financially as well as career-wise. It’s up to you to take the first step. Also, a good period to take a chance at speculation, try something a little different. Time to step out of the box.

Aquarius – With so much activity taking place at the zenith part of your chart, this could be the time where your career takes center stage. Also, a good strong month for finances, however without pain there is no gain; it’s how you handle your everyday affairs. Also, as Mars, the planet of action, travel’s through your friendship house, relationships both personal and work related may be causing you more tension than what you expected. Know that, much of this has to do with how you handle your stress level. Realize, that you have more control than even you expected.

Pisces – It’s all about you this month. Time to put your fun hat on, enjoy life, get your creative juices going, and do some therapeutic mediation. This can be a very intense, positive, influential month for you as you finally have your game on. Mars in Sag at the Zenith part of your chart encourages your growth, however you may find it is painstaking, yet work it in the end. Also a great month for love. Possibly someone new or unexpected?

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