Mankind will never see an end of trouble until… lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or the holders of power… become lovers of wisdom. ~Plato, The Republic

With the potent mixture of determination and power, few signs showcase as much strength and passion as Scorpio. Just like the Phoenix, the highest symbol for Scorpio, this is a time of transformation and renewal. Take this opportunity to follow your bliss. Start by letting go of old outmoded situations and people. Then, make a list of your goals and allow your desire to give you the impetus to achieve them. The strength of your feelings can give you exactly what you need to produce magnificent results.

Dear Readers, As the seasons begin to change, we are once again reminded that the world and all of nature is in a constant transition.

The Fall Equinox brings with it a feeling of brisk and vital awareness. For the next few months or so, as we experience some major cosmic influences, what keeps us moving is the knowledge that challenges are merely a motivator for growth. Astrologically speaking, Saturn, the planet of structure, continues in the fun loving, social sign of Sagittarius lightening our views on politics. This could be a most interesting cycle with regards to domestic as well as foreign affairs. We may also begin to see a shift in the stock market, hopefully for the better


Full Moon in Taurus Nov 14 – Emotions run high as the Sun and Moon in opposition can cause us to feel very unsettled. The tug-pull of the water-earth energy merely awakens our thirst for structure. A good week to set good intentions. Those born under Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus are most affected but much of it relates to how interact.

New Moon in Sagittarius – Nov 29 – We can now leave the painful parts of the past behind as we enlarge our visions of life. Even the most difficult challenges diminish when we expand the pool of hope and the field of possibilities. Fresh aspirations can arise that may seem beyond our reach at the moment, but which can provide inspiration whether we fulfill them or not.

Venus in Sagittarius until Nov 12, 2016 – Where Venus in Scorpio is intensity, deep waters. Whereas Venus in Sagittarius is fire. A blaze. Where Venus in Scorpio is serious, in Sagittarius she freedom-seeking. Where Venus in Scorpio wants to possess and control Sagittarius wants to run free and experience everything the world has to offer (and more) preferably with other free spirits. Venus in Sagittarius is setting off on the road less traveled, broadening horizons through travel and philosophy and ideas and cultures. We are all affected by there planets in transit, and Venus in Sagittarius merely lightens our load. Those born under, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, are in a good place. Much depends on where it falls into your zodiac picture based on your time of birth,


Aries🙁 March 21-April 20 ) – This is clearly the month to take control of your health as well as other aspects of your life. Fitness is a key, as well as your priorities together. In addition, take heed when dealing with work related matters. Don’t try to overcompensate. Just do what you do best – and that is to lead. Also, at this time you may find yourself easily engrossed in special subjects and projects that need your attention; eagerly throwing yourself into learning and producing. The need for challenges, whether mental or physical, becomes palpable from now until DEC 10.

Taurus ( April 21- May 21) – With Mars at your mid-heaven fortifying your drive and motivation, you may without realizing it, may be interfering with your social life. A personal conflict between time spent with partners or children, or time spent with friends or group activities is likely to capture your attention. SO it is up to you to create some sort of balance that will satisfy all. Relationships, specifically love related, may have a tendency to overwhelm you but it is up to you to keep the ball moving. .Also with regard to your money, time to buckle down, delay some instant gratification. you find yourself making concessions more so than usual.

Gemini ( May 22-June 21)-Work continues to be in the spotlight for you this month. However, responsibilities on the home front are likely to conflict with career matters. Work is busy for you in November as you take special pride in what you do. From the 18th forward, a partnership steps up a notch becoming more dynamic and dramatic, particularly so in the last week of the month. Also a love relationship reaches new levels of intimacy. A loan or money owed to you could arrive sometime within the next few weeks.

Cancer ( June 22-July 23)-Romance, play time, and creativity continue to take center stage in the first few weeks of November. Still, there will be times when you feel bogged down by projects, paperwork, and errands. However, you may find time for indulging in hobbies and other pleasurable activities. Also your charm runs very high again this month. The 10th through the 20th brings the need to help out a friend. Work is a scurry of activity in the last week of the month as this period also favors stepping up physical activity or a health regimen.

Leo ( July 24-Aug 23)- Partnerships, both work and home, continue to take center stage for you this month as Mars travels through your 7th house. At first glance, November may not seem to be as productive as most, but in fact you are building your nest, gathering your resources, and preparing for busier months ahead. A career or reputation matter demands attention around the Full Moon on the 14th. Romantic activity picks up after the 20th. Socializing on the job, and perhaps even meeting someone through work, is also part of the picture in the second half of the month.

Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- It’s time to shed old skin for a new one. Revamp your image and relationships> Abandon stale ploys for affection and learn to take control of you life. A busy month involving plenty of errand-running, tending to paperwork, and attending appointments is in store for you. Saturn at odds with your own sign in conjunction with Venus and the New Moon on the 29th has you running in a million directions.With Pluto in fellow earth sign, Capricorn,much can be said about sudden opportunities. The 15-20 is a period of strength for you, when your powers of persuasion are especially effective.

Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23)-Its that time again to organize your personal finances this month, after perhaps some unexpected bills escalating since April 2016. November is an excellent month for budget-making, asking for a raise, and discovering new ways to boost your income. The 20th through the 28th is a strong time for money matters,or asking for that much needed raise. Some unexpected elements on the job can leave your head spinning at times, but keeping your cool is necessary. A generally friendly, positive attitude this month helps you to do just that. The last few days of November are excellent for education, learning, and communications.

Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)-November is a month of increased confidence and initiative for you, Scorpio as you are once again in your element. And as always, other will follow your lead. Its an excellent month in which to present your ideas, state your case, or simply get up to date with your emails, phone calls, and paperwork. Career offers come now, and money owed to you could also arrive, particularly in the last week of the month. You begin to realize some of your dreams of creating an ideal home environment in November, as you seem to have a handle on your daily activities.

Sagittarius ( Nov 23-DEC 21)- This month is especially strong month for you in terms of career and family matters. Its also excellent for entertaining or just hanging out. The first few weeks of the month could involve some sacrifices and rethinking of your plans. However, its a time of gathering your resources for the weeks ahead. The last week of the month is extremely busy. You are willingly taking the lead and others have your best interests at heart. A lover or partner is paying a lot of attention to you, and it feels fabulous.

Capricorn ( DEC 22-Jan 20)-Expansion, confidence, and hopefulness are keywords for November. You should be feeling good about yourself and confident about your future. A romantic revelation occurs around the mid-part of November leading into December. During this time its easier than ever to attract exactly what you want. November is likely to be memorable for love and romance! Confusing financial matters or questions of ownership begin to resolve this month.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)-Your sense of adventure runs high this month, and you are itching for a change of pace. Any partnership conflicts that have been brewing are magnified in November, however. The key to resolving this potential tug-of-war is to find common ground and to renew the element of friendship and equality in your relationship. Watch for money tensions around the 4th and social blunders or misunderstandings on the 17-18. The last week of the month is outstanding for work, money, and career

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)- Business and public affairs continue to play a big role in your life in November, but the pressures and over-activity in these areas you encountered last month begin to dissipate. As a result, you’re more likely to enjoy your increased exposure and recognition on a professional level. Increased responsibilities continue to be an issue in your life, but you feel more in control. Love this month is rather business-like as well, or could be found through professional contacts. Friends and group activities are strong in the last week.

Janet Amid is a columnist who writes for Sylvania Advantage, and can be heard on 92.5 KISS FM Monday Mornings between 8:15 and 8:45 AM. She can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at JanetAmid@aol.com. Check out our web site at www.JanetAmid.com

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. – George Orwell