What Janet can do for you

The magic of insight. A glimpse into the future. Why not give your guests a unique experience? Janet’s astrological talent has provided many individuals with the gift of self-understanding and awareness. With over 24,000 clients coast-to-coast, Janet’s expertise in the field of astrology has made her a household name. Whether your event is large or small, business or personal, each guest will have the opportunity to discover Janet’s true, powerful insight.


Janet can show you life’s promises, and provide you with a clear road map of possible opportunities that will cross your path.

    • Do you have a question about yourself or another person? Ask Janet! For your convenience, as well as insight, Janet will answer online questions for a fee of 20.00/question.¬†
    • . When asking a question, please be specific. If asking about another person you MUST include a first name along with month, day and year of birth, time of birth helpful, not necessary.

      In office appointments are available as well. Call our office at 419-882-5510. We have 15 min, 30 min, 45 min or one hour sessions. Thanks!


Dream Interpertation

Dreams are whispers from the soul. They can be the key to our hearts desire, or they can help to unlock the meaning behind each message.

  • Janet will analyze your dream for a minimum fee.
    Let yesterdays dreams become tomorrows answers?
  • Get your dream interpreted today!



Give your guests a unique experience and book Janet for your party.

  • Party rates are available. For larger groups we offer an.
    Minimum 2 hours, maximum 4 hours.
  • Additional fee required for parties over 35 miles.
  • Janet prefers that all guests be present at the time of their reading and not en route.
  • Book Janet for your party today!






Janet has provided many individuals with the gift of self-understanding and awareness.