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–by Janet Amid

Always remember, “Eating well can be a daily indulgence.”

If you’re looking for a quality, healthy, organic, big style and gloss, farm-to-table full-service restaurant and bar, look no further, this is it. One of Toledo’s most unique, innovative eateries, Rasa, at 2633 Bancroft, is a destination restaurant tucked away close to The University of Toledo. Pure, simple, organic lunch and dinner options are served in a casual, yet elegant atmosphere and reasonably priced.

The menu is diversified with fresh ingredients, grass-fed beef, a quality variety of healthy and imaginative recipes, which can also be gluten-free. And to top it all off, the staff is helpful, authentic, and very friendly. I was so impressed by this New York, Park Avenue, California Malibu “theme” restaurant in our own backyard, I just had to share.

The owner/creator, Brent Martin, a sensitive, creative Pisces, opened Rasa, under the expansive, lucky, Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 24, 2017. Its conjunction to transiting Saturn provided stability yet uniqueness to the presentation, operation, and charm. The day of the archer always aims for the best, and Rasa is one of the best-kept secrets in Toledo. Brent’s motto “EAT LOCAL, EAT WELL,” helps tailor his menu of seasonal, organic, local farm food to offer the freshest, and healthiest food you can get your hands on. All his ingredients are free from GMOs; some are gluten-free and, as mentioned, farm-to-table dishes with an explosion of flavor.

The magic behind the scenes is Rasa’s Chef Abraham who believes your diet should enhance your life, your performance, and your lifespan. It is done deliciously here. Chef Abraham has a way with food that I can only describe as extraordinary. There is nothing he prepares that won’t tantalize your taste buds, leaving you wishing for and wanting more. The menu will also reflect what produce is in season at that time. So, expect to be surprised while enjoying.

On Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. a delectable brunch offering a select menu is available. Several dishes give a nod to not only quality but also uniqueness, as Chef Abraham prefers organic flours and sweeteners. The smart list of signature brunch libations is absolutely delish!

Our brunch experience began with my dish of choice, the oat flour pancakes, which were gluten-free, hearty in texture, totally divine in taste, accompanied by fresh organic maple syrup, and, by request, fresh home-made pear jam. Everything was seasoned perfectly, each bite savory, and quite scrumptious.

My friend Dennis opted for the same dish, though he decided to partake of a seasonal cocktail, cleverly named The Beetnik, a drink made from vodka with pomegranate, beet and plum juices, with just the right flavor and zing. His partner, Norman, ordered the menu special, “Silence of the Lamb,” organic lamb, button mushrooms, onion jam, fresh organic spinach, topped with tomato, lettuce, and cheese. His drink of choice was a Bloodmoon Mary, house-made tomato juice, pickle brine, Maumee moonshine, and fennel. It was moonshine heaven, to say the least.

Our friend Mary opted for the chorizo hash, local potatoes, freshly made chorizo and a perfectly fried egg. Her drink of choice was a mimosa, made with fresh squeezed orange juice, blanc and blanc. After taking a sip, I was hooked. Mental note to self, order it next time. Friend Laura decided on the avocado biscuit, a homemade biscuit, poached egg and, of course, freshly smashed avocado. The avocado mash had just enough lime and spice, topped off with a poached organic egg. So tasty! Other brunch options to choose from including homemade granola and milk, with yogurt and fruit, polenta with chili oil, braised greens and a poached egg, biscuits and gravy, and baby back ribs with Kung Pao sauce, fried coconut rice and egg and peanuts. Fresh pressed coffee, their house blend, along with fresh squeezed juices and more…

A few of my friends and I also decided to try the dinner menu. We shared duck wings, made with sweet chili sauce, scallions, carrots and sesame. We also tried beet-stained spaghetti with Parmesan, greens, Serrano peppers and olives and one of my favorites, stir-fry broccolini, made with bok choy, snow peas, prosciutto chips, local maple syrup, extra spicy for me, please. Delish!

Desserts are a must at Rasa. Savor the chocolate terrine with berries and sea salt, or the apple crumble, warm apples and plenty of spices. Snacking? Try house-made chips, Spanish onion dip, or sweet and spicy popcorn.

No matter what your preference, Rasa is the place to go. For special requests, guests are welcome to ask their server for menu items that are cooked raw, and/or cooked to order. Just know that the menu changes; so be well prepared for an experience. The staff also caters to larger groups/functions. So reserve a spot!

Don’t hesitate to ask about the nightly wine dinner, pick three plates for $59 or two plates for $49 along with unlimited wine tasting of four great wines.

Many restaurants are becoming more organic, but some just stand out. Whatever your reason for choosing organic: fewer unwanted chemicals in your system, an opposition to GMOs, sensitivity to the environment-Rasa will provide a comfortable atmosphere, tasty organic food and something delicious in your glass. It’s an experience, to say the least. It’s a must try.

Contact Rasa at
or 419-725-0525.
Hours are Monday closed,
Tuesday through Saturday4 p.m.-12 a.m.,
Sunday10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Call ahead for seating. Tell them Janet sent you! Enjoy! Be astounded! Experience!