Dream Interpretation

Let yesterdays dreams become tomorrows answers.

Dreams are whispers from the soul.  They can be the key to our hearts desire, or they can help to unlock the meaning behind each message. Dreams can also help to provide us with answers that go beyond the conscious mind.

It is quite possible to take your normally conscious self into the dream state, to your advantage.
When you do this you will see that the dreaming self and the waking self are one, but operating in entirely different environments.
Therefore, you become familiar with depths of experience and knowledge unknown to you before.
You acquire a true flexibility and expanded awareness of your own being, and open channels of communication between your waking and dreaming realities.
This means that you are far better able to utilize unconscious knowledge, and also to acquaint the unconscious with your present physical situation.
Such a procedure can bring you in contact with wisdom you have been denying yourself, help unify your entire life situation, and release your energy for practical everyday purposes. ~ Seth

For your convenience, as well as insight, Janet will analyze your dream for a minimum fee. You are welcome to pay by check or credit card. Your dream will be answered in the order in which it is received and as soon as payment information is processed.

Janet accepts crdcards through Paypal.

(You DO NOT have to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal)