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Make sure to include your first name, correct month, day, year, ( not the current date, we have had this happen and it has created delays), time of birth, city and state for yourself, and if asking about anyone else, we need their first name and birth info.

***You are welcome to ask about Career? Money? Matters of the heart? Are you soul -mates? Are you meant for each other? Questions need to be precise as well as specific.
Your question/questions should be 1, 2 or 3 lines not paragraphs. Just be specific. Long paragraphs will be delayed in response, or not answered at all.

However when asking about another person, if their first name, month, day, year, ( Include time of birth provides more detail & accuracy, but optional), is not included your question will not be addressed. First name is a MUST.

1) Question example – I met this guy, do you see a future, his name is …his birth info is… Or Potential with us? ( Birth info along with his first name only must be included).

2) Question example – When would be a good day to start my job? Or Wedding day? Or Marriage? Or Meeting someone?

3) Question example – I started a new job, am having issues with my boss- her first name is ….. her birth date is……., Do you see this working out?

Your question will be answered through the web site, so please scroll down to the bottom. You are welcome to pay through our PAYPAL ACCOUNT, using all major credit cards.

Please make sure to be prepared with your question, not general.

1) When including yourself and one another person, that is considered one question fee of $20.00
2) If you add a third person, that is an additional fee of $5.00.
3) Two questions are $35.00. Three questions are $55.00.

As mentioned above, if a question is being asked regarding pregnancy, or anything that involves a partner, please include the partners first name as well as their birth info. Your question will not be answered if a first name is not included. Make sure to have your correct birth month, day and year. If not your answer will be delayed.

*There are no refunds. A mistake in payment will be credited to your account for future use.

PLEASE BE PATIENT, YOUR QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED WITHIN 2-3 DAYS. If it is not answered within a few days, please e-mail us at or call our office at 419-882-5510.


**The time of birth is of vital importance to a reading in that it shows the complete picture; where the planets fall into your chart, its influences, and how you would fall into another person’s birth chart based on their time of birth. It is akin to asking what someone looks like, and viewing their ear, versus an actual photograph/ picture.

If you do not know the time of birth, we can still work with it, however for precise detail, if it is possible to get the time of birth for yourself or someone else, it will reveal much more.


(You DO NOT have to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal)

Ask Janet