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A personal, heartfelt thank you for contacting our office and providing me with the opportunity to help you. Each personal, confidential question asked, is given with thorough clarity & thought. Warmest, ~Janet Amid.

* Always make sure to include a first name, correct month, day and year, time of birth if known, city and state of birth. Example – John Doe, June 1, 1980, 6:37 PM, Toledo, Ohio. Each question must be ordered individually with the required information for each question filled out completely. Our system will not allow you to place your order until all the required information is filled out or to order more than one question at a time.

If you are asking about another person, their information including a first name MUST be included, (first names carry a vibration, so this MUST be included), month, day and year of birth, city, and state of their birth, time of birth if known. Questions without a first name will not be answered. Also, make sure your e-mail is correct and that it is the one that you would like the answer to your question to be sent to.

You are welcome to ask about career, love or money. Questions must be precise and to the point. No long paragraphs. No generalization of the year’s outlook. Just a sentence or two. NO long paragraphs.

**Make sure to double check that you have provided your birth year (or that of the person you’re asking the question about) and not the current year such as Jan 1, 2018, etc.

***We reserve the right to refuse questions where information is not complete.

Everything is confidential. Nothing is shared.

Each question is $25.00.

To answer your question/questions please provide the following information to the email address below.

First and last name


Time of birth

City and State of birth

*Your question. Please make it brief and to the point. If asking about someone else, include their first name only, month, day, year, time of birth if you know it, city and state of birth.

Email it to

We will invoice you once your question is received.

PLEASE BE PATIENT, YOUR QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED WITHIN 2-3 DAYS. If it is not answered within a few days, please e-mail us at


The time of birth is of vital importance to a reading in that it shows the complete picture; where the planets fall into your chart, its influences, and how you would fall into another person’s birth chart based on their time of birth. It is akin to asking what someone looks like, and viewing their ear, versus an actual photograph/ picture.
If you do not know the time of birth, we can still work with it; however for precise detail, if it is possible to get the time of birth for yourself or someone else, it will reveal much more.

****1 question per order. If you are asking 1 question about yourself ~OR~ someone else, that’s 1 order. If you are asking 1 question about yourself ~AND~ someone else (spouse, child, etc.), that’s 1 order.  If you are asking 2 questions about yourself ~AND/OR~ someone else, that’s 2 orders and requires 2 separate order forms to be filled out for each question. 

This format is effective for “quick fixes.”  If you feel confused or you are in need in-depth guidance, please call the office or email us.  We’ll be happy to get you scheduled for an in-person or online consultation to address your needs. ~Janet 

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