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“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, 
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…” 
― Alfred Lord Tennyson

Dear Readers,
HAPPY 2019!
As the New Year begins we are reminded that life is always in a constant motion, moving forward with more determination and skill. Staying active, feeling motivated by life, and feeling content with the fact that we have made it another year. Letting go of the uncertainty of politics, and seeking our own truths. As we begin 2019, remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. Kindness goes a long way. Let’s ring in 2019 on a  positive note. Manifest the good. Pay it forward.
SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN JAN 4, 2019 – understands the need to build, to climb, to achieve. Capricorn is known for tenacity and endurance, the  hallmark of determination, leadership, and a willingness to do without.  During this Solar Eclipse,  Capricorn in opposition to Cancer, sign of the home, family, culture focuses of what is important, drawing out the need for family security while still maintaining its desire for structure. Thus Capricorn temporally becomes the government, the career, and laws as regulatory forces which shape our environment, giving us the opportunity  to work within, rather from the ground up, one might say. This is a good period/month to establish rules and boundaries, while taking time out for those closest to us. Those born under Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn are influenced greatly. Also based on time of birth will determine where these signs fall in to your birth chart.
LUNAR ECLIPSE/FULL MOON IN LEO JAN 20 – Leo, a fire sign, generally a sign of boldness, authenticity, confidence, self-assurance & playfulness. On the flip side Leo’s can be boisterous, attention seeking and way to fiery when angered.

This months upcoming Full Moon/Eclipse is all about transformation; falling into place with your inner child.  Emotionally looking inward, and feeling charged all at the same time. Stepping into place, getting back on track, living authentically, happy in re-discovering your inner core..
So when the Sun enter Aquarius, and Moon is at opposite sides, a Full Moon occurs, shedding energy and light as we find ourselves absorbing from the Leo/Aquarius influence. Creating a tug of war affect, emotions may flare, a inner child resurfaces as the Full Moon in Leo triggers a childlike response. So it’s up to us to maintain, keeping our composure. Those born under the sign of Cancer, Leo, are mainly affected. However based on your time of birth will determine where Leo falls into your chart. That is where the influence will be more prevalent
MARS IN FIERY ARIES – HARNESS THE POWER ~ the planet of desire and need, part of the ego.  A part of the mind that triggers impulse, and pure desire and motivation. Though at this time, the transiting Sun, ( until Jan 20), Saturn and Mercury are at odds, therefore we may feel a bit overwhelmed by the intensity of the planets.
 VENUS, THE PLANET OF LOVE MOVES IN TO SAGITTARIUS JAN 7, 2019 –  Venus in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius brings to light a need to expand beyond your dreams. To bring joy, to lighten the load so to speak. You begin to question, are you happy? If not, then what are you going to do about it? Possibilities open up when Venus moves into Sagittarius, we are more enthusiastic, more exploratory, discovery of self, along with the power to be anything you want to be. Although it’s direct square to its ruler Jupiter may force a stumble or two, but not without a fight. A good period in which to settle your differences whether with yourself or with anyone else.
Aries – ( ( March 24-April 20) – This months Full Moon/ Eclipse, along with transiting Mars in your own sign, brings chance through speculation, as well as opening us up to opportunities regarding matters of the heart. New or present relationships become a focal point as you find yourself totally immersed. In addition work obligations show promise. Perhaps a raise or promotion? In addition, Saturn, the planet of structure continues to transit in earthy Capricorn creating that extra “edge” as well as challenge. Though surprisingly during this transit you will feel empowered as you fight the against the obstacles barring your way. No pain, no gain.
Taurus – ( ( April 21- May 21) – With this months Full Moon Eclipse hitting your home base nesting seems to be your panacea. Although you may be in store for some much needed changes as you may suddenly feel a burst of inertia, taking on new projects that have needed your immediate attention. Entertaining or just commiserating with neighbors and friends can be therapeutic. It’s all about you this month, tapping in to your inner psyche as Mars travels through that private, quiet sector of your chart.. It prepares you for 2019.
Gemini – ( May 22-June 21) – A Full Moon Eclipse this month emphasizes movement, travel and just being active which is part of your mode of operation.  Engaging in conversation, feeling high on life, basically in your element. On the same note, getting creative, or testing your skills at writing may be in the stars. A good month to brush up on creativity, and focusing on possible job changes for 2019. Also, Mars traveling through your area of friendships places you in your element.
Cancer – ( June 22-July 23) – Your money situation should be in pretty good shape as you aim to be more productive when dealing with everyday financial matters. This months planetary setup along with the Full/Eclipse sheds light on matters that need attention, mainly career with Mars at the zenith part of your chart as the focus is on job related issues, and getting yourself back on track. Staying proactive merely takes the edge off. .
Leo – ( Leo July 24-Aug 23) – With this months Full Moon taking place in your own sign, the limelight continues to be on you. Specifically speaking along with Jupiter now in Sagittarius in favor, you may feel totally replenished, ready and willing to take anything on. Also, love can be interesting as well as intense, though your attitude can make it or break it. Also small talk does wonders, but actions speak louder. 2019 takes you from a dim light to a burst of sunshine. Relish!
Virgo – ( Aug 24-24-Sept 23) – With the transiting Sun in your area of health and fitness, and the Full Moon this month traveling through the most private sector of your chart, importance is placed on closure as well as paying more attention to your body’s mental and physical signals.. Letting go, working from within and stepping forward is the key plan for 2019.. Also test your intuition . Receive. Let this be your mantra for the upcoming year and for many to come..
Libra – ( Sept 24-Oct 23) – This months Full Moon/Eclipse, along with Mars in Aries, creates a sense of openness where friendships are concerned. It’s all about partnerships, both work and play. In addition, now that Jupiter is transiting in fiery, independent sign of Sagittarius, balancing your own sign, your focus is on resolution. 2019 is about completion, a beginning and an end. A good way to start off the New Year.
Scorpio– Oct 24-Nov 22)- It’s all about money and career this month as the Full Moon takes place at the zenith part of your chart. A great start for 2019 as you show what you’re actually made of. Challenges help to heighten your energy, as you find yourself a bit more competitive than usual. This upcoming year opens the way to better opportunities personal as well as work related. You’re in your element. Also transiting Mars in your health house, time to begin a fitness routine. Take the plunge..
Sagittarius – ( Nov 23-DEC 21) – 2019 is going to be your year as transiting Jupiter now in your own sign expands your sense if ideal. Now that the fiery Full Moon in Leo is finally here you may find yourself feeling a sense of ease as it also trines your natal Sun. Much for the better this period will enhance you in most areas, career, love and money. Lots going on, so take it in stride. More importantly, you may do something quite extraordinary like write a book, travel extensively.
Capricorn – ( Dec 23-Jan 20) – This is going to be your year where you finally get yourself in a better place financially. As the transiting Full Moon Eclipse hits your money house it’s all about you and how you handle your responsibilities. Also, love can be interesting as transiting Venus in your relationship house beckons you to partner up.
Aquarius – ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- With the Full Moon now transiting opposite of your sign in fiery Leo, your personal connections ignite. This can be your year to focus on what really counts with those whom you are connected to whether it is business, or new or existing relationships. Either way there is an advantage as feelings can take over the cool logic and demeanor of the Aquarian personality. A nice way to start 2019.  A strong year to seek out your true self, gaining some momentum in every aspect of your life whether through work or play.
Pisces – ( Feb 20- March 20) – As always it’s all about you tapping into your creative juices, getting the most out of what is expected of you. A great month to do something fun and different. Also, a strong period for gaining some insight into health and fitness as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon activates your area of health and fitness. 2019 can be your year for tuning in to your body’s signals, tapping in to your own intuition. Moreover, money can be good this upcoming year, specifically with Mars in your money house giving it a boost.
Janet Amid is a columnist that writes for Sylvania Advantage, She can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at Check out our web site at

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