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Mars is moving forward on August 27. What to expect? 🎇🎉🌌🌠💟


Finally, you will feel more at ease; you may find yourself much clearer when making decisions, not as indecisive. Your gut matches your mind and heart. Your fire is ignited, and things began to slowly…..move forward. You’ll finally have the motivation to push forward in the direction that most invigorates you as Mars stations direct.

Relationships Are Restored! Time to heal, read, introspect and rejuvenatebook, read, literature

Mars retrograde may have put your relationship in a state of flux as well. As your passions move forward once again, you’re likely to feel better about partnerships. You may suddenly feel as though you are awaking from a zone, so to speak. Romances that began under a retrograde may come to a close, or they heighten in their intensity. All depends.

Career and work-based goals continue to take precedence while we have the energy to set out on significant quests and push for something bigger.

You can expect a bit of a jolt to your consciousness when Mars goes direct because it’s a sudden change. It’s important to know where your shift in emotions is coming from so you can use it instead of getting caught off guard by it. It’s extremely valuable to time your significant decisions with the planetary movements – your understanding of the planets, zodiac signs, and elements creates a cosmic dance you can learn to flow with

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