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Week of March 19, 2018

At the start of the week our affirmations should be aligned with our thoughts and inner feelings. It’s time to put our minds to work, focus on our creativity, goals and ambitions.

Planetary-wise this week should be somewhat sedate however may find ourselves torn between our desire to do our own thing versus doing for others as Mercury the planet of chat moves into a retrograde motion. . Considering our personal priorities and understanding them instead of ignoring them with make a huge difference.

Mercury retrograde in fiery Aries March 22 through April 15 – How the charmer Aries backward spin will affect you? As it conjuncts transiting Venus, it would be wise to slow down with financial affairs, work on creating less debt, and not creating more. Also its conjunct with Venus, the planet of pleasure and play can be good as the intensity can lead to excitement, and the nuance of change. However it can also lead to impulsiveness and hasty behavior as well as words spoken that should have remained silent.

Aries – Words can hurt, be careful with what you, as well as how you say it. Mercury moving in toy our own sign may trigger impulse.

Taurus – A sense of nostalgia may occur with Mercury transiting your 12th house of thought. You may find yourself reminiscing, as well as tapping in to old wounds. Clearing the emotional debris of the past may be very much in your favor.

Gemini – Your tolerance where friends are concerned may be a bit over the top as Mercury in retrograde can cause emotions as well as words to flare. Take stock before reacting.

Cancer – Though complacent as you are, with Mercury going retrograde in your area of work, you may be a bit more outspoken then ever. Know that this may not be the time where you find your voice. Better to step back than to tackle issues immediately.

Leo – As with most Leo’s it is all about fun, and good times, though Mercury moving retrograde may take you out of your comfort zone in to a place of introspection. A good healthy aspect as it allows much needed reflection.

Virgo – making sure your money is in sync can be very much what you need during Mercury, your ruling sign, moving retrograde. It is important to be clear when dealing with problematic matters as details are second nature.

Libra – A bit of tit for tat hitting your area of partners with Mercury the planet of chat moving retrograde. Sounding off can be healthy as long as it’s done well. Be aware that words can sting, so think before reacting.

Scorpio – It’s a good week to take stock of health matters, planning then implementing after April 15, 2018. You may find yourself being more in touch with what your body needs at this time, but doing it maybe another factor. Be prepared.

Sagittarius – Matters of the heart may flutter this week as Mercury moving retrograde in your area of romance may cause indecisiveness, so put off anything that may cause hurt, and give yourself time to negotiate with yourself.

Capricorn – So much activity taking place in your area of home, you’re better off to sit back and think before reacting to petty annoyances. Not a good time to take a stand, though maybe a better time to set healthy boundaries.

Aquarius – Your words may echo a bit louder this week, so pay attention to details, take precaution when making promises that you may not be able to keep. A good cycle for placing your energy into something creative and fun.

Pisces – Though not a fanatic as far as money is concerned, you may be a bit more involved with your finances, making sure every details is accounted for. Be aware of financial impulse as well.

JANET AMID is a columnist that writes for Sylvania Advantage, and can be heard every Tuesday with Lynn and Cliff 93.5 WRQN between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM on 93.5 WRQN 419-240-1935 – taking your Astrological calls LIVE. Janet can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at Check out our web site at


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