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Sun in Pisces – Intuition at its peak!

The magic of the Sun in Pisces is that of illusion as well as living in a nostalgic world. Career success, increased recognition for your talents and efforts, and a focus on close personal partnerships is what 2018 is about for you. It’s an exciting year ahead–one in which you receive rewards for what you do best. Strengthening close ties with a special someone is likely. In the last few months of the year, you are called upon to take stock of your abilities. Increased responsibilities are likely.

Aries – The Sun now transiting in the sensitive water sign of Pisces, lends a hand in creating closure with regard to issues from the past. It’s all about sentiment and learning to let go of the negative, only to bring the positive back in. Also, a good week to try your hand at sometime remarkable.

Taurus – Your friends may be a strong sense of support this week as the Sun in Pisces adds lift to your everyday interactions, whether work or play. However, you may also be feeling the pressures building up at home as you work very hard to be everything to everyone else.

Gemini – Your work situation may start to lighten up this week with the Sun hovering over the zenith part of your chart. You may soon discover that you in order to achieve goals, extra work may be required Also support with friends and family is indicated, but it is up to you to set the pace.

Cancer – Though you are a creature at heart, sentimental by nature, this week as the Sun moves in to Pisces, you may find a sudden desire to travel or do something out of the ordinary. Specifically regarding stepping out of your comfort zone.

Leo – Time to take a good look at what is happening in your money house, you may be mildly surprised. Good week to blow off steam, or to follow your instincts. Also love can be interesting,and mildly wild. Time to rethink your choices when haste kicks in.

Virgo- your relationship house, both personal and work related may be kind of crazy this week as you strive to be more grounded. A good week to focus on money situations that have been a bit unnerving. Also, family matters may be getting on your last nerve, time to put things in perspective.

Libra – this is your week to hyper focus on health, diet and fitness. Jump start by staying focused. Also, your sense of responsibility is on over load this week, as you take way too much work. .

Scorpio – though you are rather cautious at heart, this can be your week to gear in on money related matters. Also, relationships new or existing can be rather exciting yet unpredictable. In addition, a great week to begin a new regimen, or to do something pro-active.

Sag – This week you may find yourself more willing to take care of small minor details that have been left on the back burner. Also, your tolerance is like zero in the family area. Your money situation may also straighten up this week however be aware of your tendency to be impulsive.

Cap – Time to really buckle down and start focusing on your priorities. Also changes in the work place are likely to happen, it’s up to you to speak out.. Patience is a virtue, however let others know where you stand.

Aquarius – Now that the Sun is going through your money house, you may find that there is more to sing about. This cycle brings in gain and opportunity. Saturn in brings a sense of discipline to your everyday life, time to really buckle down and get your priorities in order.

Pisces – Now that the Sun is going through your own sign, you might find yourself a bit more in tuned to situations taking place around you. A good keen cycle for awareness. Also, a great period to get your creative juices flowing.

JANET AMID is a columnist that writes for Sylvania Advantage, and can be heard every Tuesday with Lynn and Cliff 93.5 WRQN between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM on 93.5 WRQN 419-240-1935 – taking your Astrological calls LIVE. Janet can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at Check out our web site at

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