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Mantra for the month – Pay it Forward.

The Holiday season, and the magic of Christmas is symbolized as the Winter Solstice begins on December 22, and the Sun commences in the earthy, Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn. This period marks both an ending as well as a beginning as we welcome 2018.

Astrologically speaking,…..For many of us, this may be just what the cosmos ordered as we may begin to pay better attention to details, focusing more on health care whether our own or the well being of others.

Winter is a time for dreaming, turning within, tending to the light within — the small spark of inspiration that can grow into miraculous manifestation. Welcome this time to turn away from outside distractions and drift into manifesting your dreams.

On December 21, 2017, the Sun moves into the earthy sign of Capricorn. This is the most potent time to put together your dream wish. Set goals, release the past, let go of matters or people that no longer serve your higher good. Be inspired. Set good intentions. Stay focused.

Saturn in Capricorn starting December 20, 2017.- until 2020 – Last occurrence was from 1988-19

What do you want to be when you “grow up” and are you even ready to take on such a momentous role? Every 27 to 30.years (approximately), you’ll get the nudge you need to advance into a new stage of adulthood. In astrology, we call it the Saturn Return. Many of you have heard me mention it on the radio.There’s a very obvious reason for this name: Saturn takes approximately 27 to 30 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun and literally return to the same zodiac sign it was in when you were born.


Aries ( March 24-April 20) – As the holiday week is upon us, impulses as well as anticipation occurs as the planets in transit ignite you from the inside out. Also money matters are a concern yet also a work in progress. Staying on your path keeps you on the right course. Matters of heart are lighter, less encumbered.

Taurus ( April 21- May 21) – So much of your focus in on partnerships, whether love or work as you see yourself totally preoccupied as well as obsessed is getting everything right. During this festive week, it’s all about perfection.

Gemini ( May 22-June 21) – During this holiday week you may see yourself a bit more chatty, though deep inside you seek introspection. This is a great period in which you feel more connected than ever. Enjoy and just be.

Cancer ( June 22-July 23) -. A good strong holiday week in which you fortify yourself with health & fitness, it’s all about feeling good. Family and friends help to bring it all together.

Leo ( Leo July 24-Aug 23) -Socializing during this holiday week, having fun and just doing your thing, yet doing so in a big way. This weeks favorable forecast finds you in a positive place as the planets dance around you favorably.

Virgo ( Aug 24-24-Sept 23)- The most analytical, precise, perfectionist sign of the zodiac, the next few days opens the way for you to be more frantic than ever as you strive to keep it all together. In the end it all plays out.

Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23) – This weeks astrological setup opens the way to a clearer sense of who and what you desire while sharing the festivities with family and friends. It’s all about beauty and balance.

Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- The highlight of this joyful week indicates changes in work as you see yourself striving to make positive changes in your everyday life, More importantly a good cycle for seeing financial stability. Love can be satisfying and more in sync as you see yourself blending in with the holiday spirit.

Sagittarius ( Nov 23-DEC 21) – For most Sagittarius people, it’s all about seeking and stepping out. In addition, family and friends rally around you as you see yourself on a journey of complete transition. Intuitively it’s all about being a part of the festivities at hand, being a part of who you can be.

Capricorn ( Dec 23-Jan 20)- Letting go of the past, creating new and better memories is the key this week as you share with family and friends. It’s all about setting new guidelines and creating a new path for yourself.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- This may begin to be your week where you seek out financial stability. Though money is not your passion, security is. However more importantly it’s all about taking control and utilizing the benefits at hand while blending with those on this holiday week./

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)- You may find yourself more alerted and aware of what is taking place around you with family and friends as your feelings ignite. A good week to give and receive.

Holiday Christmas Day December 25. – We have a Void-Of Course Moon until 7:27 PM where the Moon moves into Aries.- Be careful of unexpected family interruptions and be more so aware of tempers that may flare. However in the course of things, as always everything settles in.

JANET AMID is a columnist that writes for Sylvania Advantage, and can be heard every Tuesday with Lynn and Cliff 93.5 WRQN between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM on 93.5 WRQN 419-240-1935 – taking your Astrological calls LIVE. Janet can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at Check out our web site at

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