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New Moon – April 15, 2018 – The New Moon in Aries, April 15 signals the true beginning of the astrological New Year and conjoins an extremely energizing Uranus in Aries. However it cautions you to slow down and pace yourself, as its influence is tied to Mercury ( ruler Aries) in retrograde, creating too many mental distractions. The driving force of the Aries stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus) yearns for total freedom, however there too many obstacles and blockages to get around it. On the flip side, A New Moon always signals a period of rebirth, new ideas, shifting gears in the right direction. So it’s all up to you and how you handle the energies at hand.

Aries – The new moon in your own sign, week illuminates you, shedding light on situations surrounding youand your everyday life, with hopes of keeping you on track. Love can be interesting as well as very exhausting. It’s all about creating a fresh start, or trying to mend the past.

Taurus – A strong week intuition to kick in as the New moon occupies your area of thought & nostalgia. Following your instincts may be just what you need to keep those intuitive juices going. Also, letting go is part of the healing process.

Gemini- Friendships play a major role this week. Good week for entertaining. Have fun, but keep it in check. Also, be aware that words can be weapons, so be careful if not overly cautious.

Cancer – As the New moon hovers over your area of career, options open up. Also a good week to connect with those you have not seen for a while. Love matters are good but a bit overwhelming.

Leo – As the New moon takes place in your 9th house of higher thinking, prioritizing is the key. Focus on what needs to be done as opposed to what you want to do. Time to really buckle down and get yourself in check,

Virgo – This can be a good time for investments or working through/with a partners money. Very good cycle for real estate purchasing as the New moon travels in your 8th house of resources

Libra – As the New Moon shines on partnerships/business we see ourselves becoming more proactive when dealing with matters that require our utmost attention. Also, it’s a good time to work through issues that have been left on the back burner. Good week to create the harmony.

Scorpio- Focus this week is on health /fitness, focusing on some good eating habits as the New Moon takes place in your 6th house of patterns and habits. Also, you may begin to notice that your cup is more than full this week. So be well aware of your limits.

Sagittarius – New Moon in Aries aspects the 5th house of love and speculation – the ball is in your court! Love can be interesting as well as wild this week. A great time to begin a new love interest or to take stock of who are currently with.

Capricorn – The home front is the focus this week – a strong week for family, friends, getting things done or merely just taking the time to beautify, purge or just nest.

Aquarius – Your ability to communicate should be at an all time great this week as the New moon occupies your area of self expression. You may see yourself a bit more wordy and flamboyant than usual though.

Pisces – Don’t be too hasty when spending. Though you are a conservative at heart, the New moon could trigger the desire to be a bit more chance taking. Also, tension on the home front may come to a close this week.

JANET AMID is a columnist that writes for Sylvania Advantage, and can be heard every Tuesday with Lynn and Cliff 93.5 WRQN between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM on 93.5 WRQN 419-240-1935 – taking your Astrological calls LIVE. Janet can reached at 419-882-5510 or by e-mail at Check out our web site at

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