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WEEK OF JAN 16, 2018 – New Moon Lends a Boost To Good Intentions.

Almost every January we get a New Moon in Capricorn that gives a boost to our intentions and projects for the coming cycle. This particular January New Moon on Jan 16, 2018 has a lot of positive things going on. Specifically its conjunction to transiting Venus, Pluto and Saturn, as well as its sextile to transiting Mars. This is a powerful transit in every sense of the word. The magic that will occur during this New Moon cycle will be all about rebooting ourselves, taking stock, becoming more disciplined, and more importantly following through on our New Years resolutions and intentions.

Ready? Set Goals! This Jan 16, New Moon in Capricorn fixes our eyes to the proverbial prize. It’s time to think big, and get motivated. The zodiac motivator always gets the job done, and gets it done right. Plant the seeds, harvest the lessons and work in obtaining.

Aries – The New Moon hovering over the zenith part of your chart, your career, motivates you to reach a higher directive.. Allow your intentions to manifest. Think Big!

Taurus – Inspiration is illuminated as the New Moon in you area of higher achievement prompts the initiative to think out of the box. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be your incentive for change.

Gemini – This weeks New Moon may influence the need to pull back, to reserve and pay more attention to your financial outlook. Relinquishing your restlessness and creating more structure adds earth to your airy Gemini energy.

Cancer – Your 7th house New Moon places the limelight on partners, your perception as well as your need. You may feel an urgency to make things right, or to merely have the urge to lighten the load, so to speak. Either way, it’s all about perception.

Leo – This can be your week to rejuvenate yourself, taking more stock on your health and fitness. A great week to start a new regiment wit this weeks New Moon accenting your 6th house of health.

Virgo – Matters of the heart flutter this week as love and romance beckon you. A great week for new or existing relationships as you see yourself more proactive, and really working on closure and/or a new start.

Libra – The magic of this weeks New Moon can generate a newfound sense of self as you relate to your own foundation in your own way. A desire for seeking out is well indicated this week. Nesting. Feeling settled.

Scorpio – Though quiet by nature, this weeks New Moon may bring to light your more vociferous self. You may be stepping out of your element, but all in all, it may be a good thing.

Sagittarius – The one sign of the zodiac that needs financial discipline. And this weeks New Moon may provide just that as it brings to light a strong sense of feeling more in control, and less likely to be compulsive.

Capricorn – As this weeks New Moon takes place in your own sign, a stronger sense of discipline occurs. You may feel a need to revamp and restructure, yet while doing so, feeling more empowered. This is the week to get it all done, and with plenty of ease.

Aquarius – This weeks New Moon taking place in that hidden sector of your mind triggers a sudden urge to release, while introducing stronger affirmations. A good week to let go, and soar.

Pisces – The most intuitive sensitive sign of the zodiac, this weeks New Moon it’s all about friends & peers this week. Feeling a stronger need to connect with others, and less likely to hibernate is strongly indicated. Get out and do some therapeutic socializing. .

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